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The Ghosts of Charleston Book by Julian Buxton III

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The Ghosts of Charleston recounts some of the myriad ghosts stories of the city. These stories are of real, existing specters, including the plight of the headless confederate soldier on the city’s High Battery Seawall, unexplained happenings on the Cooper River Bridge, the appearance of the luminescent Lady in White who wanders through the dense foliage of the Unitarian Church’s graveyard, and many others.

These departed Charlestonians continually try—in vain—to work out their unfulfilled dreams in the sphere of the living. Their unresolved longings pierce through the thin barriers between their world and ours. They jolt to the quick those to whom they present themselves; horrifying the nonbeliever. From dark alleys and cemeteries overflowing with lush foliage and through all of Charleston, spirits from the underside of the physical world plead for our intervention.

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“The ghost of Mary Whitridge radiates a brilliant white aura. She hovers effortlessly over the dense foliage that surrounds the Unitarian Church. However, a sharp feeling of tension accompanies her brilliant manifestations in the graveyard. The pure whiteness of her spirit is a beautiful thing to behold. At the same time, she permeates the area around her with a lost, wandering sadness. Many mediums or “sensitives” as they sometimes prefer to be called, venture into this florid graveyard with us on The Ghosts of Charleston tour. They attribute this haunting to the power of love to exist beyond the grave. Mary Whitridge exists in her own world of sad searching, looking for her lost soul mate.”
— Julian T. Buxton III, The Ghosts of Charleston

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  • 5 Stars “Very Intriguing!” “Very interesting read!! I just visited Charleston and purchased this on my return....oh how I wish I had read it before my trip!”

    — Tisha Proffitt March 14, 2013

  • 5 Stars “LOVED IT!!” “This is a great book. It is very well written and researched. The stories will keep your attention and you won’t want to put the book down!!”

    — Texango (Austin, Texas) October 29, 2005

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